Note for Note

Nuestra Historia

This one is a very special one for us, because it really is our story, Me and my Wife’s story. Ill write this message in first person, Its Leon here, Note for Note’s Director. This song is the one I wrote for my wife so we could dance to it on our wedding day. It’s definitely lly one of the most special and heartfelt projects I’ve made. The song respects her wishes to be privet about our life, while also having some insides hidden in it about our story. I got to sing it and record most of the instruments myself. 

Nuestra Historia will be with us for ever, and we’ll keep dancing to it in our living room while we sing to each other trough the years, until our time on this earth ends.

Nuestra Melodia

This nostalgic beautiful ballad was made by the father of the bride to dance  to and dedicate to his daughter on her wedding day. 

It describes the incredible bond a father develops for his daughter, the bittersweet feeling of having her start her own new family, the pride he has for seeing the woman she has become and the best of wishes and blessings in this new phase of her life.

Their father daughter is one that will always be remembered by their family and friends, and hopefully this song will live on as a reminder of pure unconditional love.

Con La Música Apagada

“con la musica apagada” is a beautiful wedding song written to commemorate written with us by a groom to surprise his bride on their wedding day.

The song is filled with insides and stories, and it’s very descriptive about the things this couple enjoys as part of their daily lives, as its center topic it describe the fact that they dance with each other a lot, even if there is no music playing.

Their love is a very special one, and to represent them in song, we have singer Carlos Vallarino as the soundtrack voice for their story.

Siempre Juntitos

Siempre Juntitos is a great uplifting , easy listening song written by a husband to celebrate his third anniversary with his wife.   As a jewish religious couple  and a wife with Israeli roots, he wanted to incorporate Hebrew in to the song to commemorate that. the song follows the way they appreciate their regular day to day, and its a love letter from him to tell her how special and perfect she is for her. 

Siempre juntitos   talks about this couples past travels and experiences together, their present lives with they’re first kid, and their hopes for the future as a couple an family, its a very friendly piece of music with a strong statement of gratitude with God and eternal love

Blue Sunflowers

Blue sunflowers is a song about childhood friends finding each other again later in life. Its a song that a groom used to surprise his bride on they’re wedding day, it tells their story through time an the hole process of being together, falling apart and then being together again stronger, in Blue Sunflowers the lead vocals are incredibly special since the. singer is the groom, he  uses the song to tell her that hell be there for her forever and always, and that they’re love is stronger than anything that could happen.

Blue sunflowers takes inspiration from Japanese rock, and alternative pop, which are some of the favorite music genres of our couple for this song.

Almas Gemelas

“Almas Gemelas”, meaning soul mates, is a very special song recorded by the artist Joette  as a surprise for her husband on their wedding day. Its filled with little details about their love story, describes their love as something very eternal and playful. 

They have a beautiful romance and they both had been trough many relationships until they finally found each other, and felt very early on that they were perfect together

they are living proof that soulmate exist, and there are happy ever afters. 

Juntos Es Mejor

“Juntos es mejor” is a song written to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the school “Liceo del Caribe”, is very connected to us because is the school our director Leon Cybul grew up im in San Andres Colombia. 

The song is filled with moments and memories, as well as words of gratitud from the school to everyone that has ever been par to it, and back from the liceo family to the professors and directives. Its a collective expression of pride, joy and love of being part of such a great community (the liceo Family).

This project turns even more special when we point out that all performances on the recording for voices and instruments are by either teachers, students, alumni or parents. Making this song a real demonstration of the school’s talented family members, and a very happy and long-lasting memory and project for everyone that is or was connected to the school.

Mi Marinera

Mi marinera is a very cute and romantic first dance song for a very special couple. The bride was move to tears by the grooms surprise on their wedding day, as a this song, filled with the way he sees her, memories they’ve lived together and proclamations that their love is the strongest in the world, played for them to dance. This beautiful ballad has marked their story forever and all the puns about the sea and trust of each other written in the lyrics are things that represent them perfectly as a couple

Amar Con Libertad

Amar con libertad is a song that complies many years of love. The client that wrote this with us did it as a surprise for his wife on their first anniversary, and they have a very beautiful and long love story, since they were childhood friends.

Although they were close since young age, they were exclusively friends for a long time, it was ent until around their mid 20’s that they actually started dating. Even thou our writing partner was hopelessly in love since about 12 years old, he didn’t give up, found his moment and got the girl of his dreams.

The song mixes reggaeton and flamenco, in representation of their favorite music and the place they were living at the time they got engaged, Madrid.

Receta para enamorar

“Receta para enamorar” Was written alongside a chef (the groom) . It’s about how the feelings of the relationship developed through a recipe. It is a song filled with characteristics and the favorite foods of the love of his life.

The song was sung by the cousin of the groom and friend of the bride and the rap was interpreted by the brother of the groom which brings a special emotion given that the song is made by family and very special people for the bride and groom. 

She was the ingredient that was missing in his “Receta para enamorar”… 

Mi otra mitad

“Mi otra mitad” was written by the groom to surprise the bride on the day of their wedding. It tells the story of the essence of their relationship with a unique style. It’s a love declaration from the groom and it was presented the day of the wedding alongside a speech written by his brother and the songwriter.

The song portrays intimate moments between them and makes it very special. 

Ranchera con Sasson

Ranchera con Sasson came to be because one of the granddaughters of the Sasson family wanted to give them a special present for their 60th anniversary.

The decision to make a ranchera was made by the grandfather Sasson who sent voice notes of him singing rancheras to his grandkids during the pandemic.

It’s a very creative and curious song filled with anecdotes and family stories. It shows family union and values. It’s a song filled with appreciation.

Mariachis, children and family members participated and this makes it a very special song since it commemorates the grandfathers and brings tears of happiness to their eyes.

Luz de papel

“Luz de Papel” is a very special song that tells the story of a couple since they met until they became a couple. 

The song is named like this because the groom asked the bride if she wanted to be his girlfriend under the light of the paper lantern. The light represents all the wishes they made.

The verses of the song are very special since they are the letters that they both wrote to each other and it’s a reminder of their relationship and story for the rest of their lives. It was a song written for their wedding 

Raíces de luz

“Raíces de luz” was the start of “Note for Note” and it was written before its creation. It is a song I wrote with my beloved mother who wanted to dedicate a song to her great-grandmother. It’s a special song that thanks our happy grandmother for all the teaching of the family and the everlasting unity. It tells stories of the family beach house from a romantic point of view. 

It’s the project that inspired the format of “Note for Note”